It's easy to book a Parcel Shop Pickup delivery with Shiptheory simply requires the Parcel Shop ID of the DPD Parcel Shop for the shipment to be delivered to. You have two options in how you can provide this ID to Shiptheory -

Use an Address Field

You can enter the collection Parcel Shop ID into one of the address fields of the recipient address. Shiptheory will take the ID from this address field and book the shipment.

By default, Shiptheory is set to look in Address Line 2, but you can change this to any other part of the recipient's address from your Shiptheory advanced settings.

From your settings, click the grey Advanced Settings icon in the bottom left corner of the page. Under the Pickup at Parcel Shop ID FieldĀ option, select the address line in which you would like Shiptheory to look.

Use Delivery Instructions

You can enter the collection Parcel Shop ID into the shipment's delivery instructions. Shiptheory will then detect and use the ID from this field to book the shipment.

Simply add the Parcel Shop ID into your delivery instructions field on a new line in the following pattern (where XXXXXX is the ID):
parcelshopid: XXXXXXX

If you have any questions or need any help, just reach out to our support team. We are happy to help.