To access Etsy's advanced settings, from your Etsy settings page, click the grey Advanced Settings icon in the bottom-left of the page.

Only Download Paid Orders

You can select to only have orders that are marked as Paid in Etsy brought into Shiptheory when we check your shop for any new orders. 

Alternately, you can select Download All New Orders to have all unshipped orders downloaded whether marked as paid or not.

Download Message from Buyer

Set this option to Yes to have any messages that are added to Message from Buyer in the Etsy checkout downloaded into Shiptheory in the Delivery Instructions field.

Send a Shipping Notification

If this option is turned on, as soon as Shiptheory books a shipping label for any Etsy orders, we will let Etsy know to send a delivery notification to your customer.

If this is not enabled, all shipping information will still be sent to Etsy, but an email won't automatically be sent.

Shipping Methods

By default, Shiptheory will download a list of all of the shipping methods you have set up in your Etsy shop. This is so you can use these methods in your Shiptheory shipping rules.

If you have a lot of shipping methods set up in your Etsy account, you can select which you would like to be made available in your rules page if there are some you don't plan to use.

If you have shipping-zone-specific shipping methods set up, these will be named "[zone] [shipping method]", for example, "UK Next Day"

If you have any questions, just get in contact with our support team who will be happy to help.