Shiptheory's FedEx integration has some advanced settings allowing you to customise your package details settings, customs data and more.

To access the FedEx advanced settings, from any page in Shiptheory, click on your username in the top-right blue menu and select FedEx from the drop-down menu. On the settings page, at the bottom-left of the page, click the grey Advanced Settings icon.

If you have not activated FedEx on your Shiptheory account, follow this guide on Getting Started with FedEx and Shiptheory.

Developer Key & Password, Meter Number and Test Mode

These details are obtained during registration and directly relate to the connection between your FedEx account and Shiptheory account. These details are for reference only.

Test Mode requires a different set of credentials to those obtained during account registration and will not work with these details. 

Do not amend these details unless you know what you are doing else your integration may stop working.

Weight Conditions

If you don't supply Shiptheory with product weight data for some or all of your products and want to ensure that your shipments are declared as, or at least a certain weight, then you can enter that here, in Kilograms.

Default Package Dimensions

Here you can set the default declared dimensions of the packages you ship with Shiptheory.

If you would rather not declare dimensions, you can turn off sending package sizes completely. Please note that this might incur extra costs from FedEx for your shipments and some services, destinations and shipping options will require dimensions to be declared.

Default Country of Manufacture

If you don't supply Shiptheory product Country of Manufacture data for some or all of your products, you can set a default country here. This is used for customs declarations.

Return Shipments Reason

If you're looking to generate returns labels for International shipments, what is the reason for the return in general? This is used for customs declarations.

Enable Future Shipping Dates

Click here for full information on Future Shipping Dates

Specify Third Party Billing

If you use a separate FedEx account for billing purposes, enter that account's number here.

Remove International Dialling Codes

If you enable this option, Shiptheory will look to automatically detect the international dialling code in your shipping address telephone numbers and replace them with the correct local dialling prefix for the country.

For example, in the UK, +44 (0)117 403 4313 would become 01174034313

If no international prefix is detected or the number is particularly malformed, it will be used as-is.

Electronic Trade Documents

Click here for full information on how to set up FedEx Electronic Trade Documents (Paperless Trade)

International Import Trade Broker

Click here for full information on configuring and using a custom Trade Broker

Canada Exports

Click here for full information on how to add an Export Declaration to your Canadian export shipments