Shipments from the United States, U.S. Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico where the declared shipment value is more than $2,500 or the shipment contents require an export licence require an EEI Export Declaration.

There are a few exclusions to these requirements which can be found from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website

You will need to file your EEI information with AESDirect at This Government-supported website facilitates your filing requirements and provides you with the appropriate shipper identification for your packages.

For more information regarding EEI filing, please visit the U.S.Census Bureau website:

Once you have filed your EEI, you will receive an ITN number from AES or an FTR (Foreign Trade Regulations) exemption number. The proper format for an ITN number is XYYYYMMDDNNNNNN (where YYYYMMDD is the date and NNNNNN are numbers generated by the AES).

The ITN can be added to your shipment's Delivery Instructions in the following format:

exportdeclaration: XXXXXXXX

This information can be added to any existing shipment delivery instructions. Existing instructions will be preserved and these details will be removed on processing the FedEx shipment.

You can add the Export Declaration Statement to your shipment's delivery instructions in its original channel, e.g. Brightpearl, Shopify, or TradeGecko, or follow the steps below or add them to an existing Shiptheory shipment.

How to add an EEI Export Declaration / AES ITN / FTR exemption number to an existing Shiptheory shipment

  1. Find your shipment in Shiptheory and, from the drop-down menu to the right, select View:

  2. In the shipment pop-up, scroll down to the Delivery Instructions field and enter your ITN / FTR exemption number as per the instructions above:

  3. Scroll back to the top of the shipment pop-up window and select FedEx from the courier field, your desired shipping service, a format and any enhancements.

  4. Click Create Label to book the shipment.