"A clear recipient street address building number could not be detected. Please check and try again."

You might receive this error when trying to book a shipment with DHL.de if Shiptheory hasn't been able to automatically detect the building number from the recipient address of your shipment.

In order to try to detect the building number, Shiptheory checks the beginning and end of the first line of the address provided for a number, e.g.

"Spandauer Str. 2"

"1 Avon St".

The number in the street address must be clearly separated from the rest of the address with spaces. For example, this address would return an error - "Thierschstraße,17a"

To correct, replace the comma with a space, or add a space between the comma and number:

"Thierschstraße 17a"

"Thierschstraße, 17a"