When booking internationally with ILG, you'll need to include product information on the order so ILG are able to generate a commercal invoice for you which allows your orders to pass through customs with no issues. There are situations however where your individual products won't have values (bundled products) or you just don't have values assigned.

To deal with this Shiptheory will take the total shipment value and subtract the total value of the products on that order, we'll then distribute this number evenly between all the products on the aforementioned order.

A mathematical and a more practical explanation is below;

X = The total shipment value

Y = The total value of the products

Z = Number of Zero value products on the order

(X-Y)/Z = The value given to each zero value product on the order.

We recommend you include a value on all your products if possible, but this will deal with the scenario where you can't.

If you have any questions about this feel free to contact support