To integrate your UPS account with Shiptheory, you will need to input your UPS API Username and Password. If you do not already know these, you can find them by following the instructions below.

Finding the API Username and Password

Note: UPS recommend using a separate login for use with Developer Kit APIs. 

1. Within your UPS account, click 'Services'.

2. On the next page, select 'Integrating UPS Technology'. 

3. Select 'UPS Developer Kit'.

4. Click 'Shipping API', then 'Developers: Download APIs'.

5. Now select 'Request An Access Key'.

6. You will then need to verify the 'Primary Contact Information' and enter 'Secondary Contact Information'.

7. Lastly, you will need to click 'Request Access Key'.

You will now have access to both your API Username and Password.

If you some reason this isn't the case, or you'd like some help in doing this. Please feel free to get in contact with our Support Team, and they will be happy to help you get these details.