FedEx Electronic Trade Documents (ETD) allows the electronic submission of customs documentation at the time of booking your international shipments. This enables an earlier review of your customs documents reducing the risk of shipments getting held up in customs.

Once enabled, for international shipments where Commercial Invoice documentation would normally be required to be supplied with your shipment(s), the documents will be automatically generated as part of the shipment booking process and submitted ahead of your shipment arriving at the destination country's customs.


  • ETD will display on the shipping label when the shipment is going to a country that fully supports ETD. No additional paperwork needs to be supplied with the shipment.

  • EWO will display on the shipping label when the documents have been submitted electronically but a paper copy of the Commercial Invoice will still be required to be printed and placed in the pouch. Failure to do so could delay the processing of your shipment(s).

A full list of countries that support FedEx ETD is available from the FedEx website, here.

By default this feature is not automatically enabled in your Shiptheory FedEx settings but is easy to get started.

How to enable FedEx ETD in Shiptheory

In your FedEx courier settings, click Advanced Settings at the bottom-left of the page to access your advanced settings. Scroll down until you see the option Enable Electronic Trade Documents

Change the drop-down menu from 'Disable' to 'Enable'. Do Not click 'Save' yet - you will need to also upload a Company Letterhead and Signature image to be used to generate the Commercial Invoice documentation that will be submitted for your shipments.

Scroll down to the next two options in your advanced settings - Commercial Invoice Letterhead and Commercial Invoice Signature

More information about how your letterhead and signature are used in commercial invoice documents is available here.

Click on each option to select the PNG or GIF images to use for each and once both have been selected, you can scroll back up the page to click Save.