Shiptheory supports a feature called 'Address Only Labels', these labels aren't booked in with a carrier but instead are created by Shiptheory to be used for your own personal delivery vans. These labels are also often used for testing as the shipments aren't booked in with a carrier so there's no need to cancel the shipments with anyone.

Set up

To set up 'Address Only Labels' you will first need to head to the manage carriers page, this can be done by clicking on your email at the top of the screen and then selecting the 'manage carriers' option.

Next you will want to find the 'Address Only Labels' option and select 'Enable' to add it to your account. This will also then take you to the settings page for the 'Address Only Labels' option on your account.


The next step is to configure the 'Address Only Labels' to your needs, the first three options you will have is if you want to individually print the following options on the label or not;

    Shipment weight

    Return Address

    Delivery Instructions

The next step is to configure what data is printed on the label in the form of a barcode, you can have either the Order ID, Shipment ID, Postcode or No barcode all together.

The last standard option is the tracking number, you can decide if you want a false tracking number generated by Shiptheory and then sent back to your sales channel to populate the tracking number field.

Advanced Settings

Next up is the Advanced settings, these options can be accessed by clicking on the small silver cog at the bottom of the page, next to the blue save button.

The two options that will then appear are the font sizes for the titles and the content printed on the label.

For the title font size, you can select between 6pt - 12pt to be used.

For the content size, you can select between 8pt - 14pt to be printed. The content size is larger than the title size as the information is then displayed easier for your delivery drivers.

Finally, to save your configuration you will need to select the blue 'save' button that appears just above the advanced settings header.

If you have any trouble getting setup or just need any help, get in contact with our support team and we'll be happy to help.