Shiptheory will look in certain address fields on shipments to determine the InPost locker ID. By default, Shiptheory looks for the locker ID in the Address Line 2 field. The locker ID must exist in the field in the format: Locker ID (UKBE234523452). The rest of the address should be the customers home address.

For example:

First Name: Mike
Last Name: Doe
Company: Honey Supplies Ltd
Address Line 1: 378 High Street
Address Line 2: Locker ID (UKBE234523452)
City: Beaconsfield
Postcode: HP8 21E

If your front-end store does not save the locker ID in Address Line 2, you can change which field Shiptheory searches for the locker ID from your advance settings in Shiptheory, accessed by clicking the cog icon on the bottom left corner of the InPost settings page:

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