Shiptheory Integrates with DHL to allow you seamlessly book in and create labels for your orders. 

To be able to use DHL with Shiptheory, you will need a DHL Site ID and API Password. If you do not have these, you can find out more about getting them here.


To connect DHL to your Shiptheory account, please find them on our Carrier Integrations Page. You'll need to scroll down until you find and the DHL option and click it to enable it (The list is in alphabetical order).

Once you have done this, you will be taken to the DHL Setup page. On this page you will need to enter a few pieces of information to allow us to connect your DHL account to Shiptheory.   

Account Number

If you do not know your DHL Account number, please contact your DHL account manager.


To obtain the site ID you can follow this guide.

DHL API Password

This matches your site ID, you can obtain this from guide linked above.

Description of Goods

This is used for customs declarations. A couple words describing your products will be fine.

Once you have entered all these details, click 'Test Connection'. If the green tick appears, you have successfully connected your Palletways account. 

If this is not the case for you, please get into contact with our Support Team.

Additional Information

There are a few more options for DHL in Shiptheory. These can be accessed by clicking the little cog in the bottom left of the DHL Settings Page.

Test Mode

This allows you to change your account to live/test mode. When in test mode, labels created are not chargeable.

Paperless Trade

This enables the automatic submission of Customs Declarations (CN22 & CN23) to DHL electronically. PLT needs to be enabled on your DHL account first, so please contact your account manager before enabling this option.

Weight Conditions 

You can use this to create a minimum weight value for DHL orders, or to override all Shipments to have this weight.


This is the currency you operate in. This should be the currency for your shipping location.

Archive Labels

DHL often expect an Archive Label to be produced with every label that is given to DHL upon collection. If you do not use Archive Labels, set this to No.

Duty Account Number

If you enter your Duty Account Number, you will be responsible for any customs charges. If you leave this blank, the recipient will be responsible.