There are a few reasons why your labels might be printing more than once, this guide will go through each possible reason and explain the process on how to resolve the issue.

1) Number of boxes 

Shiptheory will produce and print the amount of labels based on how many boxes the shipment has, your shipment may or may not have intentionally had the number of boxes set to more than 1 but this still could be the cause of the issue so it's best to check if this is the case. To check you will simply need to find the shipment in Shiptheory, click on the drop-down menu associated with the shipment and select the 'view' option.

This will show all of the shipment information including the number of boxes the shipment has

By default this should be 1, if it isn't then you will need to make sure that your shipments have the correct amount of boxes to avoid this issue again in the future, setting the number of boxes will vary for each channel. It would be best if you head to our channel guide page, find the channel you use in there and then find out how to set the number of boxes. If you are unable to locate a guide with this information you can either contact your channel's support desk or our support desk.

2) Check the labels

The issue might not be that the labels are print twice but that two labels are being booked in or are being required. If you check the labels themselves you might see that the packages field has "1 of 2" on the first label and "2 of 2" on the second label. This can be caused by either the shipment itself and the service used, or by your carrier account settings. If the weight of the shipment exceeds the limit of the service used then the carrier will require two boxes to be used and so two labels will be produced. 

If you are using DPD or DPD Local then you will want to check if another order has been booked in in the last 24hrs going to the exact same delivery address, this is because DPD has a 'consolidate' feature where if two orders are booked in with the same delivery address in a 24hr period then the label for the first order will be printed along-with the label for the second order.

If you want to disable the DPD consolidate option, you can do so in Shiptheory. You just need to click on DPD in the user dropdown menu to take you to your DPD settings page 

Then you will want to scroll to the bottom of the page, click on the silver cog and disable the consolidate option in the advanced settings that now shows.

3) Selecting 'retry' on the shipment

One cause of multiple labels could be that the shipment was 'retried', this would mean that the shipment is ran through our shipping rules and booked in again meaning another label would be produced, to confirm this you can click on the drop-down menu associated with the shipment and select the 'view' option, then scroll down until the 'SHIPMENT HISTORY' section and look through the history of the shipment, if 'automatically dispatched with xxx carrier - xxx service' appears multiple times then it has been 'retried' multiple times.

4) Printer settings

Your printer settings could also be causing this issue, if you don't have the correct label size in your printer settings or the number of copies is set higher than 1 then your labels might print out multiple times because of it. To fix this you will need to find the affected printers settings by searching for 'printers & scanners' in your computer. Then from here you will need to select the affected printer and click on either 'manage', 'options', 'settings', or 'advanced'. The option name may vary per computer.

From here, you will want to select on 'printing preferences' to bring up your printer settings and use the different tabs to discover where in the settings the size of the label is determined and the number of copies printed. Where these settings are can vary with every computer and printer, but they will likely be in a tab along the lines of 'settings', 'options', 'advanced', 'configuration', 'paper layout', 'paper size' or something similar.

You will also want to make sure the correct size units are used with the measurements you have.

5) Multiple requests

The final reason why the label is printing out more than once is that there could be multiple requests sent to your printer to print the label, this will likely occur if you have the Shiptheory print client installed multiple times on your computer as the label will be request to be printed for how may times you have the print client installed on your computer. You will need to delete the additional Shiptheory print clients on your computer leaving just the one the issue should be resolved.
You will also need to delete any Print Clients from any other users you might have on your computer so that only one Shiptheory Print Client is installed on the entire computer across all users you have.

If multiple labels are still being produced or you need any help, just contact our support desk and we'll be happy to help.