On Swiss Post shipping labels, you have the option to print your sender's address or an image (e.g. a company logo) on the shipping label.

In your Swiss Post courier settings, click the cog icon at the bottom-left of the page to access your advanced settings. You will find the following two settings -

Print Sender's Address?

Set this option to "Yes, print Sender address" to have the sender's address of the shipment printed on your shipping labels, or set this to "No, don't print Sender address" to have this area of the shipping label left blank.

Note: Even if this setting is set to "No, don't print Sender address", the sender's address information will still be sent to Swiss Post.

Print a Sender Logo?

Upload an image here to have this printed on your shipping labels in place of the sender's address.

Uploading an image to this option will ignore the 'Print Sender's Address' option, above. Whether it's set to "Yes, print Sender address" or "No, don't print Sender address", the uploaded image will be printed onto your shipping labels.

Click the 'Choose file' button and browse to the image you would like to use, select the image and click 'Open'. The image will be displayed above the file upload option:

Click 'Save' to save the image and now generated shipping labels will use and display your image instead of the shipping address:

Supported image file types are PNG, JPG and GIF with a maximum allowed file size of 50KB. The printable area on the shipping labels is 25mm x 47mm (portrait), and uploaded images will be scaled to fill this area. We recommend uploading an image of at least 295 x 555 pixels for best results.

Remove Sender Logo

To stop printing the image on shipping labels, simply visit your Swiss Post advanced settings and click the red "X" icon to the right of your uploaded image and 'Save'.

Note: The sender's address information will still be sent to Swiss Post.