Getting your Shiptheory account and Yamato Europe account is quite straight forward, you just need to follow the following steps:

1) Head to the Yamato Europe settings page on Shiptheory by clicking on the user drop-down menu and selecting 'Yamato Europe', this will take you to the settings page for 'Yamato Europe'.

2) Next you will need to enter your Yamato Europe Company name, this is required as Yamato will use this name to identify your account.

3) Following this you will need to enter your manifest cutoff time, this is used to determine at which time shipments should be recorded on the following days manifest. For example, if you want all shipments that are booked in after 4pm to be placed on tomorrows manifest then you would enter 16:00 in this field.

4) Now you will need to enter the start and end of your barcode range for the barcodes used on your Yamato Europe labels, this range should have been supplied to you by Yamato Europe.

5) Finally you will need to select which currency your shipment's value is in.

6) There are additional options that you can configure to fit your needs, this includes standard weight settings that can set either a minimum weight for your shipments or override all of the weights assigned to your Yamato Europe shipments. You can also set the handling type, this will be either Btoc or BtoB.
To access these options you will need to click on the small silver cog at the bottom of the page.

7) Finally you will want to save your details and options, to do so you will need to click on 'save' which appears above the advanced settings.

If you are unsure of what details or settings to use you will need to contact Yamato Europe as they will be able to assist you in selecting the correct settings and details to enter.