Designing an Integrated Label template is easy with our drag-and-drop editor.

On the left, there is a list of the elements that can be added to your design, and on the right is your template page. The blue border represents the edges of your page, and along the edges are page rulers (in cm) to help you with positioning.

Adding Elements to your template

To add a new element, simply drag the desired field to the page where you would like it to be positioned:

Once placed on the page, elements can be moved by dragging them, resized by clicking and dragging the  icon in the bottom right, or removed from the page by clicking the  icon in the top right.

In the template designed, sample placeholder data is used to help you with your designs, but when processing real shipments in your account, only real order data will be used in the final PDFs.

Adding a Shipping Label to your template

To add the courier shipment label to your template, simply drag the 'Shipping Label' field onto your design. You will need to have selected a Courier Shipping Label option at the top of the page to do this.

Once added, an extra option will appear on the left under Available Fields, labelled 'Rotate Shipping Label'. Tick this option to rotate the shipping label 90° anti-clockwise on your template design. For example:



Adding a Products Table to your template

Drag the 'Product Table' field onto your page to add a table listing each of the products in the shipment, grouped by SKU.

Once added, some additional options will be available on the left under Available Fields. With these you can choose which columns display in the table. Simply select/deselect to show/hide the column in the final PDF.

The product table will list all of the products in your shipment up to the maximum space allocated on your template design.

Adding Custom Text Fields to your template

If you want to add custom text to your template, for instance a friendly line to say thank you for ordering, you can add a Custom Text Field to the page, and then simply type in your message.

There are also special information 'placeholders' that you can add to your Custom Text Field that, when the template is printed, are replaced with real shipment data.

In this example, if this template was printed today, the message in the output PDF would read:

Thank you for your order!

Your shipment was packed by Mike on 4 Feb 2019

A full list of Custom Text Field placeholder can be found here:

Adding Images to your template

To add an image to your template, simply add a new Custom Text Field and paste in a publicly-accessible URL to the image. For example, to add the Shiptheory logo from our Twitter profile picture to a template: 

As you can see, images can be moved and resized just like all other elements.

Saving your template

Finally, don't forget to click the Save button at the bottom of the page to save your template and return you to the Integrated Templates page.