From the 1st of January Royal Mail will be requiring electronic pre-advice data about you, your customer and the items included in your shipments.

The electronic pre-advice data will be attached digitally to the shipment and attached physically by a S10 1D barcode which is also required for overseas Postal services to be ableto read the data.

For further information about Royal Mail's pre-advice data you can refer to their guide on pre-advice data.

You will also need to include a CN23/CN22 with your shipments if you are sending outside of the EU, these can be on Shiptheory by heading to our documents page and enabling the CN22 for Royal Mail, once enabled a CN22 will be produced along with the label for any shipment booked in with Royal Mail.

If you need any clarification, more information or any help, don't hesitate to get in contact with our support desk.