At the end of each day, any Tuffnells labels you have created prior to your Latest Collection Time, set in your Tuffnells settings, are automatically and electronically communicated to Shift, for display in your Tuffnells/Shift portal. At this point, the labels should be scannable and trackable on the network.

Any Tuffnells labels you create after your Latest Collection Time will be added to the following days manifest. The electronic manifest is sent to Tuffnells on the next hour after your Latest Collection Time each day. If 16:30 is your last collection time, your electronic manifest will run at 17:00, for example.

One reason why your consignments may not be scannable by the collection driver is if the Latest Collection Time is changed to a time that has already happened. an example of this would be that at 16:00, the Latest Collection Time is set to 15:00, where it was previously 16:30. This will cause your manifest to fail, meaning it will not be sent to Tuffnells. 

To solve this, you will have to re-book any of that days shipments in on the next day.

If you have any questions about this, or have a problem, please get into contact with our support team.