NOTE: This process can be done for you, by getting into contact with our Support Team.

Once you have received your test pack details from Parcelforce, you can start to create test labels in Shiptheory.

First you want to create new test labels.

From your Shiptheory dashboard, at the bottom of the page, under actions click the downwards arrow to open the drop down menu. Then click 'New Shipment'.

Next you need to fill in the details for the test labels. 

A CSV for test labels can be downloaded from the bottom of this support document. This can be opened as a spreadsheet to make it easier to read.

Once you have opened the CSV, begin to fill in the details on Shiptheory with those in the CSV. Please note, an email address is also required this can be '' for all test labels.

Please also make sure both the 'Shipment Reference 1' and 'Shipment Reference 2' are unique to each test label you create.

Then click 'Save and Continue'.

On the next page, you need to assign which Parcelforce service it will be booked with.

To do this, under 'Select a Courier', choose 'Parcelforce'.

Then under 'Select a Service', choose one of the services that you have requested from Parcelforce. These should be specified to you by Parcelforce with the test pack they sent to you.

Then click ' Book Shipment'.

You will then need to repeat this process of creating test shipments, at least one for each Parcelforce service you are testing.

Once you have created all your Parcelforce test labels, you then need to print them.

To do this, go to your Shiptheory dashboard, and click each of the little boxes to the left of all your test shipments. They should now all have ticks in them.

Then at the bottom of the page, once again, under 'Actions' click the downwards arrow. In this dropdown menu, click 'print'.

This will download a PDF document to your computer, these are your test labels.

These then need to be printed out and sent to Parcelforce, the address can be found on the email that contained your test details.

Parcelforce will then review these labels and either provide you with your live details, or they will advice you on how to correct any of the labels. You will then be able to begin shipping with Parcelforce.

If you have any questions about this, please get into contact with our support team.