Shiptheory takes your order information from Seller Dynamics as they are created. Shiptheory then contacts your carriers and produces a label for each shipment and the tracking references are posted back to Seller Dynamics.


Follow this link to the channel integration page on Shiptheory. From here, scroll down and choose the Seller Dynamics option to enable it within your account:

You will be forwarded to the Seller Dynamics settings page to set up your connection:


You will need to enter a Seller Dynamics Token to connect. You can find this by logging into your Seller Dynamics account, clicking Orders > Couriers > Shiptheory Menu, or you can follow this link.

Copy and paste the token into the Seller Dynamics Token input in Shiptheory and click Test Connection. If the connection is successful you should see a green success message, as shown below:

If this is not the case, or you have any other problems, please get in contact with our support team.

Advanced Settings

Within the Advanced Settings accessed by clicking the grey Advanced Settings icon in the bottom left of the page, there are some additional options.

  • Endpoint
    If you do not know what this is, please leave it blank.

  • Upload Export Documents
    Once a shipment has been successfully booked in Shiptheory, the shipping label is uploaded back to Seller Dynamics as a PDF file. You can choose here whether any international customs documents are also uploaded with the shipping label. Note that this setting is subject to the settings set in your Import/Export Documents settings. More information is available on these settings here: https://support.shiptheory.com/en/support/solutions/articles/24000044838