If you happen to have a Royal Mail PPI account and would like to connect it up to Shiptheory, all you'll need is your PPI License Number on hand and you will be able to connect up Shiptheory on the spot.

note: If you don't have a PPI license number I recommend contacting Royal Mail on 08457 950 950 or your Royal Mail account manager to get setup with one.

  1. The first step to this process is to enable the integration from within your Shiptheory account, you can do this by clicking on this link which will bring you to the screen below
  2. You'll want to enter your PPI License Number in that field and hit "save", you'll now be able to generate PPI labels through Shiptheory!

  3. I recommend creating testing the integration to make sure you're happy with how it's working first, you can create a test label from this link.

Advanced Settings

As you can see in the image above, there's a grey cog in the bottom left corner, clicking this will bring you to our advanced settings which might be of use to you I'll explain below what each one does in case they are relevant to you;

  • Show Return Address - This will determine whether or not your return address appears on the label (set to "No" by default)
  • Show Shipment Weight - This will determine whether or not the weight of the shipment appears on the label (set to "No" by default)
  • Specify Weight Conditions - This will give all your shipments a default weight which you determine or you can set all shipments that are under a certain weight to have a default weight applied to them. This is useful if you haven't setup weights in your sales channel (left empty by default)
  • Show Parcel Numbers - This will determine whether or not the parcel number will appear on the label, e.g if you have a 3 parcel consignment then the second label would say "2 of 3". (set to "No" by default)
  • Generate Barcode - This will determine whether or not a barcode will appear on the label. By default this is set to "No" but you can have any of the below as the generated barcode;
    • Order ID
    • Shipment ID
    • Postcode

If you have any issues or queries regarding this, feel free to contact support