This article is now obsolete.

Shipment consolidation is now set at a DPD account level. For more information, please contact your DPD Account Manager.

DPD and DPD Local offer an option to 'Consolidate Consignments' - an option you will find in your DPD and DPD Local's advanced settings, but you might be wondering what this means.

If this option is set to 'Consolidate Consignments', then DPD will automatically group multiple shipments booked on the same day that are addressed to the same destination into a single consignment. This has the advantage of grouping all parcels you are sending to the same destination under a single tracking number.

Please note, however, that turning this option on means that when booking a second (third, etc...) shipment to a same address will cause the shipping labels for all packages in the consignment. For example:

  • Shipment #1 booked (1 box) -> 1 label printed
  • Shipment #2 booked (1 box) -> 2 labels printed (1 for shipment #1, 1 for shipment #2)
  • Shipment #3 booked (2 boxes) -> 4 labels printed (1 for shipment #1, 1 for shipment #2, 2 for shipment #3)

Turning this option off will keep all consignments separate.