Within your eBay settings in Shiptheory, there are two options for when orders will come through into Shiptheory. These are either when the Buyer Completes Checkout, or when the Order Is Marked as Shipped

Buyer Completes Checkout:

This option, as the name suggests, will mean orders are sent from eBay into Shiptheory as soon as the buyer completes checkout and the order has been created.

Order Is Marked as Shipped:

This option is when you mark the order as dispatched in eBay. At this point, there is no need to enter a tracking number as, once booked in through Shiptheory, a tracking number will be sent back onto this ebay order.

These options will only appear within Shiptheory once you have successfully connected up your eBay store to your Shiptheory account. If you are yet to do this, you can find out guide on this linked here.

Have any questions about bring through your orders from eBay? One of our Support Team would be happy to help you out!