PLEASE  NOTE: This article is out of date as the Royal Mail manifest is no longer submitted automatically by Shiptheory, unless under exceptional circumstances. This article is still available online to answer support queries that involve historic shipment data.

Do you ever wonder why you get an email around midnight with the below subject line even if you ran your manifest manually during the day?

Important: Royal Mail manifest submitted automatically

And with the below content:

This means that you have created 1 or more shipping labels after your set collection time or after you have manually generated and printed the day's manifest.

For example, if your collection time is at 17:00, like below:

You will only do 1 manifest per day, and that is after 17:00. If you manifest at 17:15, and create a label at 17:30, the manifest will automatically run at midnight and you will get an email.

If you have further concerns or queries, feel free to contact support.