To disconnect WooCommerce from your Shiptheory account, please visit the integration page here and click the Remove link next to WooCommerce as per the image below. This will remove the connection to your store from Shiptheory.

Note: The API key that Shiptheory uses to connect to WooCommerce will be left behind even after you disconnect your store, you can remove this by going into your WooCommerce admin panel and going to the following page: WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced > Rest API.


You'll then need to press the Revoke option on any Shiptheory tagged API users, you can find the revoke button in the action drop down as per the screenshot below.

Next thing to do is to delete all the Shiptheory webhooks as you can see below.

After these are done, there will be nothing Shiptheory related left in your store.

Warning: Disconnecting your WooCommerce uninstalls the Shiptheory extension from your store. You will no longer receive WooCommerce orders into your Shiptheory account.

If you need help, please reach out to support.