When booking a shipment with APC you receive this error message:

Your shipment was booked successfully but APC failed to return label data.

You can find and print your label from apc.hypaship.com using order number: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

What can I do?

This is a known issue at APC's end that APC are actively looking into. Your shipment has successfully booked, but Shiptheory hasn't been sent the data to print a shipping label.

To print your shipping label, click the link in the error message to apc.hypaship.com and log in with your APC New Horizon account details. From the menu on the left, select Order Entry

Copy and paste the Order Number from the Shiptheory error message into the red search bar and click the magnifying glass icon to bring up your order's details

After selecting your order, from the list of buttons on the right, select Print to open up a modal with your shipping label, from which you can print or download the PDF label