Setting up the P2P Mailing Integration within your Shiptheory account is quite simple. Follow the steps below to do so.

Step One

As the picture below indicates click on "P2P Mailing" to access the settings so you can start setting it up.

Step Two

You're going to need to complete the fields below in order for us to connect to P2P Mailing:

  • P2P Mailing API Key - Your unique API Key which will be provided by P2P Mailing.
  • Goods Description - A general description of what you will be sending with P2P Mailing.
  • Currency - Currency you operate in.

If you're not sure about your API Key, please contact your P2P Mailing Account Manager.

After you've filled these fields in press the Test Connection button to make sure everything is working as intended, when you receive the green confirmation that your connection is fine hit the Save button.

There are some other options in the 'Advanced Settings' that you might want to look at, we've listed them below:

  • Test Mode - You can opt to run a few labels first in Test Mode to make sure things are as you've expected, before you switch to Live Mode. To enable Test Mode you will need test details to connect to P2P Mailing's servers.
  • Terms of Trade - You can select who will be responsible for paying any Customs Clearance costs.
  • Reason for Export - You need to enter a reason for export, for international customs forms.
  • Store Web Address - For shipment to some countries, a web address link is required to be supplied with the shipment data.¬†
  • Shipper Branding ID - If you have a Shipper Branding ID, you can enter it in this field.

Test Connection is failing

Please confirm you have the correct username and password with your account manager, if you are sure you have the correct details don't hesitate to contact support and we'd be happy to assist from there.

If you have any queries about this integration our support team would be happy to help you out.