If you are shipping with Palletforce, you are required to specify the size and number pallets or part pallets in each consignment. There are a couple of ways to tackle this using Shiptheory, as documented below.

Sending one pallet type using automatic shipping rules

When you create shipping rules for dispatching with Palletforce, the format type you select in the rule will be used to tell Palletforce if the consignment uses quarter, half, full or over-size pallets. Pallet types cannot be combined or mixed in rules.

The number of boxes on your order in Shiptheory will be used to tell Palletways how many of the that pallet type are on the consignment.

For example, if your automatic shipping rule is set to 'Full Pallet' and your order in Shiptheory has 3 boxes, Palletforce will be told your order consists of 3 full pallets requiring 3 lifts.

Manually selecting pallet sizes

If you require more granularity when processing Palletforce consignments, you can use Shiptheory's Package Sizes following the steps outlined below.

  1. Create a shipping rule with Palletforce selected as the courier but leave the delivery service blank. When orders are downloaded into Shiptheory that match this rule, they will show in the Waiting to Ship tab on the shipment dashboard.

  2. You will need to create custom package sizes in your Shiptheory account here. The dimensions do not matter but the name of each pallet type you wish to use must exactly match the following:

  3. You are now ready to ship. Once some orders have been downloaded into your Shiptheory account, from the Waiting to Ship tab, select the orders you are ready to ship with Palletforce. Select Create Labels from the drop down menu at the bottom left of the shipments grid.

  4. You will then see a popup window that allows you to set the exact number of each type of pallet along with the weight of each pallet or part pallet. Click the green icon to add another pallet to the consignment and the red icon to remove a pallet.

Need a Demo or Have Question?

Get in touch with support, we are happy to take you through a demo or answer any questions you may have regarding shipping with Palletforce and Shiptheory.