Setting up the APC Horizon Integration within your Shiptheory account is quite simple. Follow the steps below to do so.

To setup the APC integration you need an APC account, if you don't have one you can apply for one with this link.

Note: You need to remember that the credentials needed for APC Horizon is different from that of APC Netdespatch and/or MyAPC. You'll need to request specific New Horizon details from your APC account manager.

Step One

As the picture below highlights, click on the 'APC' integration

Step Two

You're going to need to complete the fields below in order for us to connect to APC:

  • APC Username - This is your APC Username, this will have been provided to you by APC. If you're not sure what this is, please contact your APC account manager.
  • APC Password - This is your APC Password, this will have been provided to you by APC. If you're not sure what this is, please contact your APC account manager.
  • Collection Ready Time - What time will your consignments be ready for collection by APC?
    • Consignments booked after this time will be booked for collection the next working day.
  • Closing Time - At what time do your premises close for collection by APC?
  • Goods Description - A general description of what you will be sending with APC.

After you've filled these fields in press the Test Connection button to make sure everything is working as intended, when you receive the green confirmation that your connection is fine hit the Save button.

There are some other options in the 'Advanced Settings' that you might want to look at, I've listed them below:

  • Test Mode - When Test Mode is active, labels will be test labels and not chargeable. To enable Test Mode you will need test details to connect to APC's servers.
  • Collection Instructions - If you have any special instructions to APC for collection from your premises, enter them here.
  • Weight Options - You can specify either a minimum weight value that will be sent to APC, or override all shipment weights with the weight here (in kg).
    This is useful if you don't have weight information on some or all of your products.
  • Weekend Collection - Here is where you specify if you have collections due on Saturday, Sunday or both
  • International Delivery - International delivery services need to be activated on your account by APC before orders can be booked.
    If APC have enabled this, check this book to allow international booking. If this hasn't been activated on your APC account, enabling this will result in an error being returned.

To prevent any orders from being booked in as a 3rd Party Location Pickup, the Shipping Location in your Shiptheory account and the Shipping Location in your APC account, should be exactly identical.

Test Connection is failing

Please confirm you have the correct username and password with your account manager, if you are sure you have the correct details don't hesitate to contact support and we'd be happy to assist from there.

If you have any queries about this integration our support team would be happy to help you out.