When shipping internationally, DPD or DPD Local will require product Commodity Code, Manufacturer Country, Description and Composition used during Customs. It is possible to download these additional commodity data to Shiptheory from your channel when Shiptheory picks up your orders. 

DPD may return an error message: "Error: Unable to create label. DPD error code: 1007. Missing mandatory field (consignment.parcel.parcelProduct.xxx)." if your commodity data isn't setup either in your store admin or in your Shiptheory account.

What's Next?

You'll need to make sure that your commodity data is configured properly on both sides. The below links are guides on how you can set up commodity data between your store and your Shiptheory account:

Commodity Code, Manufacturer Country & Description from Brightpearl

Commodity Code, Manufacturer Country, Composition & Description from Magento

Commodity Information

It's also possible that even if you have these data set up correctly, you will still receive this error from DPD. This is probably because the product itself on your store admin was not set up with these commodity data.

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