You may notice on many of our carrier integrations there is a default/minimum weight options available in the advanced settings. This is not available as part of our Royal Mail integration upon request from Royal Mail. This is to ensure accuracy in billing by Royal Mail.

While you can not directly add a default catch-all weight in your Royal Mail settings like you can for some other carriers, there are several other ways to handle this, depending on your workflow.

Ways to handle weights when creating Royal Mail labels in Shiptheory:

1. Add weights to your products in your sales channel (WooCommerce, Xero, BigCommerce, etc). Shiptheory will then pull these down and send them to Royal Mail when you ship from your sales channel.
2. Add weights directly to your products with a 1-time product import into Shiptheory via CSV.

3. Edit products and add weights directly in Shiptheory. 

4. Update or add product weights via the Shiptheory API.

3. Use the shipping rules in Shiptheory to apply a default weight when we pull the order down from your sales channels.
4. Enter weights manually while processing in Shiptheory.

If you would like to talk through these options to see which works best for your workflow, please contact support, we'd be happy to help.