Shiptheory uses commodity data to provide information on items being sent internationally. The data includes information on what type of product is being sent (e.g. "Car Parts"), country of manufacture and what the product is actually made of.

The fields required for export documentation are:

  • Commodity Code / HS Tariff code
  • Commodity Description
  • Country of Manufacture - ISO-2 country code, e.g. "GB" for the United Kingdom
  • Composition / Materials

How we get commodity data from channels:

As long as it is setup within your Channel/Shiptheory, each order that comes into your Shiptheory account will also contain the relevant commodity information. 

Our guides on how to setup the sending of commodity information can be found on the guides below:

This list is correct and up to date at time of writing.

How to check if Shiptheory's downloading commodity data correctly:

Every time an order comes into Shiptheory, the products information, including the commodity data, is updated. You can view all the products that have come into Shiptheory in your Products Page. 

On the Products Page, you can view select a product and view all the commodity data that Shiptheory stores about it. You are also able to edit this information. You can read more on how to update a product's data on this guide here.

If you need help or are not sure, just contact us, we'd be happy to help.