Shiptheory allows you to overwrite the number of boxes on a consignment from the Shiptheory dashboard. You can also control this from Unleashed, on the order screen and/or the shipment screen within the admin panel.

Setting No. of Boxes from Unleashed

  1. Open an Order in Unleashed
  2. Type boxes = 2 (where is the number of boxes required) into the order notes box, or the shipment notes box prior to clicking Place
  3. Make sure you have saved the order notes. If you enter text into the order notes box and then create a shipment, Unleashed will not automatically save the text you entered.
  4. Create and Place the shipment

Shiptheory looks at the order notes for a string matching boxes = 2 (where 2 is the number of boxes required).


  • You can enter the number of boxes into the order comments box of the shipments comments box, if you have not yet Placed the shipment.
  • The text string is not case sensitive and does not need spaces. For example, boxes=2 will work as well as Boxes = 2