Adding Yodel to your Shiptheory account is easy. Follow the simple steps outlined below.

  1. Click 'Yodel' from the menu in the top right corner of the screen, as pictured below.

  2. Complete the Username and Password fields. If you do not know what these details are, please call the Yodel help desk on 08447550117.

  3. Click the Test Connection button to make sure your details are correct.

  4. If the test returns successful, click Save and you are ready to start creating Yodel labels.

I don't know my Yodel Username or Password

If you are not sure of your Yodel username or password, please call the Yodel help desk on 08447550117 and ask for an API username and password.

Test Connection is Failing

If the Test Connection button reports a problem, it means that your Yodel username or password are incorrect. Please call the Yodel help desk on 08447550117 to confirm your details.