In Brightpearl it is possible process orders in bulk to maximize time and minimize effort in executing the same task for a number of similar orders. And of course, the processed bulk orders will be automatically synced to your Shiptheory account all at the same time and shipping labels will be created if the orders match a shipping rule.

Let's walk through how to bulk process and fulfil orders in Brightpearl.

Bulk Processing in Brightpearl

1. In your Brightpearl account, please select Sales tab and then Recent Sales/Quotes.

2. A list of orders will be displayed. We are going bulk process orders which have not yet been allocated, symbolised by the red exclamation marks icons.

3. You can now select multiple items at the same time using the check boxes before each item. You will notice that the buttons on top are now clickable. 

4. For now, we will use Fulfil option. Please click Fulfil and on the dialog box that will appear, choose your preferred options and then click the Fulfil button.

5. Now that we have bulk actioned the orders, we'll see from the Sales page that the icons have changed and signifies that they've been allocated and fulfilled.

6. Next thing to do is create goods-out notes for these orders. To do this, go to Sales tab and then select Due to ship.

7. We can now process the goods-out notes for the orders. In this scenario, we used Pick because that is the action required by the Shiptheory account we are using. You can change your picked/packed triggers on your Brightpearl settings within you Shiptheory account.

8. You will now see that Picked column has checks for all 3 items we have processed. You can now go ahead and check your Shiptheory account - You should see the orders you just processed, providing they have met a Shiptheory shipping rule.

9. From you Shiptheory account, you should see the completed status of the shipment if the orders matched your existing shipping rules. 

Shipment Not Complete?

If they're showing other status than Completed, please click on the drop down arrow across the item and click on View, then scroll down to Shipment History section and will see list of any messages or errors that related to your label and/or order.

Need Help?

If you would like some help, please don't hesitate to contact Shiptheory support and we will can assist you the best we can.