DPD may return an error message: "Error trying to create consignment in DPD. Dpd said: Error code1019 - Number not in range." for a number of reasons. The most common being that the weight of your shipment is not within the tolerance for the DPD service you are trying to use. More than likely, the weight of your order is too light, or zero.

DPD require a weight on every shipment. Make sure you have weight specified on your channel or have set a default weight on your Shiptheory account DPD settings.

If you do not want to use weights at all, you need to coordinate with your DPD. Please call the DPD helpdesk on 0121 500 2510 or send them an email from here for possible solutions that they may have.

Please Remember

There are rare circumstance where this error may be caused by another issue. If you are sure your shipment is the correct weight and you are still seeing the same error, please getin touch with us so that we can investigate the issue further.