Parcelforce may return the message ServiceCode is not available for this shipper location if you are attempting to send parcels on a service code that you do not have enabled to on your Parcelforce account.

For example, if you tried to ship attempting to ship on the express48 Large service and saw the above message, this means that your Parcelforce account is not setup to use express48 Large, or there is an issue with your registered dispatch location with Parcelforce.

Note: It can also mean that the address on your Shipping Location page is not the same as the address associated with your Parcelforce account. 

What Next?

The shipper location message is coming back directly from Parcelforce, Shiptheory is unable dispatch orders on your account for that specific service code you have attempted to us.

Please contact the Parcelforce help desk on 03448 006205 and provide them the message exactly as above, along with the service code you have attempted to use and they should be able to advise the best course of action. 

If you're sure that you're using a service that you've used before, please check that you have the correct warehouse address on your Shipping Location page.

If in doubt, please get in touch with Shiptheory support and we will be happy to help where we can.