Shiptheory integrates with Shopify.  Shiptheory will pick up any shipments from orders that have been fulfilled.  Shiptheory will process these shipments through the Shipping Rules you've created in Shiptheory.

This article explains how to install the Shopify extension and configure it.




This is the first page you'll see after you sign up, which allows you to select which channels or integration you want to use.

Select 'Enable' next to Shopify, which will take you to the Shopify settings page in Shiptheory.  Here you'll need to enter your Shopify URL and click the connect button.

You'll now be directed to the Shopify login page, where you need to enter your username and password. After you enter the correct login details you will be redirected back to Shiptheory, where you will see the message Shopify is now connected

And if you navigate to https://shiptheory.com/shopify/edit/1

You should see the Shopify store is connected message

Once you've done this, you should start to see subsequent orders that you fulfill showing up in the 'all' tab in your shiptheory account

For a more detailed explanation of creating shipments in Shopify, check out Testing your Shopify and Shiptheory shipments

For more information on creating your shipping rules, see here.