Getting connected to UK Mail is simple. Please follow the steps outlined below.

You will need a UK Mail iConsign account and your UK Mail account number(s). If you do not yet have an iConsign account you can create one here.

  1. From within your Shiptheory account, find UK Mail from menu in the top right.

  2. Complete the following fields.

  • iConsign Username - This is your iConsign username. Please contact UK Mail on 03451 554455 and ask for your iConsign username
  • iConsign Password - This is your iConsign password. Please contact UK Mail on 03451 554455 and ask for your iConsign password 
  • Account Number - This is your UK Mail account number
  • Earliest Collection Time - What is the earliest UK Mail can collect your parcels each day? In 24 hour format. Such as 15:00. Daily Monday - Friday.
  • Latest Collection Time - What is the latest UK Mail can collect your parcels each day? In 24 hour format. Such as 17:00. Daily Monday - Friday.

  • Test Connection

    Click Test Connection to make sure your details are working. If the test fails, click on the Cog icon in the bottom left hand corner and switch your account between Live Labels and Test Labels, your details for the UK Mail test and live systems may be different.

    If the test returns successful, click Save and you are ready to start creating APC labels

    I don't know my iConsign Username or Password

    If you are not sure of your UK Mail username, password or your contract number, please call the UK Mail help desk on 03451 554455 and ask for your username and password.