Your Shiptheory dashboard shows, by default, any labels that are ready to be printed or any orders that have been rejected by a carrier and need some attention.

You can use the search box to expand the view so show you any of your shipments, no matter what state they are in. You may wish to read more about the various statuses Shiptheory uses.

Available Search Filters

  • Today -  Use the search query today to see all shipments received by Shiptheory for today.
  • Yesterday -  Use the search query yesterday to see all shipments received by Shiptheory for for the previous day.
  • Channel Reference - Search by the reference of the order from your channel. This is your internal reference.
  • Tracking Number - Search by the tracking number or part tracking number provided by the carrier.
  • Company Name - For orders to businesses, you can search by company name.
  • Delivery Address - Search by street address, postcode or city.
  • Customer - Search by the customers first name, last name, mobile number or email address.
  • Carrier Name - Search by carrier name. UPS or Royal Mail, for example.