Some carriers provide the shipping cost per shipment.

To view the cost of a shipment you will need to go to the dashboard page which can easily be done by either clicking on the Shiptheory logo or click on your account email ( and then click on the 'dashboard' link in the drop-down menu, both the Shiptheory logo and your account email are at the top of the screen in the blue header.

Once the dashboard page has loaded you will need to find the specific shipment you are after, this can be done by clicking on the 'all' tab that is on the upper left of the shipment table which appears in the middle of the screen. You can alternatively find the shipment in any of the other tabs as long as the shipment belongs in that specific tab (for example, a successful shipment wouldn't appear under the 'failed' tab), however your shipment will appear in the 'all' tab if you cannot find the shipment in any of the other tabs.

Once you have found the shipment you will need to click on the white downward arrow in the blue box on the far right-hand side of the shipment's row and click on the view option in the drop-down menu. You will then need to locate the 'service' box underneath the second heading and hover the mouse over the 'service' text box.

The estimated shipping cost will then show up.