Before you can "go live" with your Palletforce account on Shiptheory, a test pack containing some test labels and a copy of an electronic manifest must be submitted to the Palletforce team. This is to ensure that your shipping labels are able to be scanned at their depots and so they can authorise FTP credentials for the uploading of daily manifests to their IT system. 

Our support team can create these test labels and manifest files for you once you have connected your account using the instructions below, just get in contact with our Support Team.

Note: You will need a Palletforce account. If you don't already, you can apply for one on the Palletforce website, here.

Connect your Palletforce Account

From any page in Shiptheory, click on your username in the top-right blue menu and select the Manage Carriers option from the drop-down menu:

On the next page, scroll down until you see Palletforce listed, and next to it, select Enable:

The carrier will be activated on your Shiptheory account and you will be redirected to the Palletforce settings page.

Enter your Palletforce Customer Account Number, Customer System ID and Associated Depot Code. If you're not sure about any of these details, please contact your Palletforce account number. We won't be able to produce any test labels without these details in place.

For Manifest Cut-off Time, enter the time of day after which you are happy for the daily manifest file to be sent to Palletforce. This should be the time after which you will normally be finished booking shipments in Shiptheory. Any shipments booked after this time will be manifested on the following day.

You can ignore FTP Username and FTP Password for now.

Once you've entered your details, click the Test Connection button to make sure everything is working as intended. When you receive the green confirmation that your connection is fine, click the Save button.

Now simply get in contact with our support team to generate some test labels and electronic manifest file. We will email you some PDF test labels for you to print on the same printer that you will be using to print the live Palletforce labels and send to Palletforce for verification. We will produce and submit the manifest file to Palletforce on your behalf.

Once signed of by the Palletforce team, they will issue live FTP credentials you can then enter into the FTP Username and FTP Password settings fields of your Shiptheory Palletforce settings page (above).

Advanced Settings

On your Palletforce settings page, if you click on the grey cog icon in the bottom left, there are some Advanced Settings that you might wish to set.

  • Delivery Notifications
    If delivery notifications enabled has been set on your Palletforce account, enable this setting to pass the receiver's email address to Palletforce so they can receive delivery notifications. If you wish to enable this setting, please speak to your Palletforce account manager.
    Note - If delivery notifications have not been enabled on your Palletforce account, turning this setting on will prevent your shipments from successfully manifesting.

  • Automatically Re-pallet Shipments?
    If enabled, Shiptheory will automatically change the selected service format if the submitted weight of your shipment exceeds the limits of the selected service. Otherwise, Shiptheory will return an error for your attention.
    Note - Turning this on could incur higher shipping costs.

  • Booking Window Start Time
    What time would you like 'Booked Window' and 'Timed Booking' shipments' time windows to start? This is only required if using the 'Booked Window' and 'Timed Booking' enhancements.

  • Booking Window End Time
    What time would you like 'Booked Window' and 'Timed Booking' shipments' time windows to end? This is only required if using the 'Booked Window' and 'Timed Booking' enhancements.

  • Shipping Labels
    Palletforce will normally supply you with their own shipping labels with a pre-printed Palletforce logo, telephone number and website details. If you are not using labels supplied by Palletforce, Shiptheory can add these details added to your generated PDF labels.

If you have any further queries about this integration, just get in contact with our support team who will be happy to help you out.