By default, Shiptheory will set the number of Lifts on Palletways consignments to match the number of Pallets. For example, if you book a consignment that consists of 2 Half Pallets and 1 Full Pallet, the number of lifts will be 3.

Alternatively, If you are are selecting pallets sizes manually in Shiptheory (Instructions on Manually Selecting Pallet Sizes), you can have the number of lifts calculated from the total length of all of your pallets. 

First, set your maximum pallet length per lift:

  1. Browse to the Palletways settings screen and click the cog at the bottom of the page to expand Advanced Setting
  2. Enter a length in centimetres into the Max 1 Lift Pallet Length field. In the below example, the max length of a pallet per lift is 200 cm (2 meters)
  3. Set a width on your pallets, explained on point 2 of Manually Selecting Pallet Sizes.

For example, if you set your 1 Lift Pallet Length to 200 cm and ship 2 x Half Pallets at 120 cm each and 1 x Full Pallet at 200 cm on the same consignment, the number of lifts would be 3, because the total length is 440 cm. (120 + 120 + 200)