If you are sending goods valued at £270 or less cross border (outside of the EU), you must attach a CN22 document with your regular shipping label. This document is used for customs clearance at the destination country.

Some international carriers provide paperless customs documents, which remove the requirement for you to complete a CN22 document. If you are not sure if your carrier offers this functionality, please get in touch with us or contact your carrier directly.

Shiptheory can automatically create CN22 documents on your behalf for eligible shipments.

How to Enable Shiptheory CN22 Documents

  1. Use the Yes/No toggle to enable which carriers you wish for Shiptheory to produce CN22 documents from this page.

  2. Check that the settings of your CN22 documents meet your requirements using the advanced settings available on the same page. Advanced settings are accessed by clicking the cog icon in the bottom left corner.

When will a CN22 Document be automatically generated?

Shiptheory will only produce a CN22 document if...

  • The shipment is crossing a border that falls outside of the EU and...
  • The shipment value is equal or less than £270 and...
  • Shiptheory CN22 documents have been enabled as per above


  • Commodity data can be added to CN22 documents automatically if you have setup Commodity data fields in your channel. If this is not available, you can manually write commodity data on the label produced by Shiptheory.
  • Shiptheory CN22 documents are generated automatically using data downloaded from your sales channels. It is your responsibility to check that the data shown on the CN22 document is correct

Have Questions?

If you have questions regarding CN22 documents, please reach out to support. We are happy to help.