Royal Mail have various ways you can use Shiptheory, the current easiest route is via Netdespatch.

Netdespatch were aquired and are part of the Royal Mail group.

Before continuing you'll need some API details, which if you don't already have, let us know either by contacting us or by completing our API details request form

If we request API details for you, we'll add them to your account as soon as we have them and let you know.

If you already have API details and wish to add them yourself, see below.

Firstly navigate to  where you'll be able to complete the relevant fields and test out your connection details


Royal Mail Username

This is the username given to you by Royal Mail's Netdespatch team

Royal Mail Password

This is the password given to you by Royal Mail's Netdespatch team

Account Number

This is the account number given to you by Royal Mail's Netdespatch team

Collection Time

Specify the time of your last collection with Royal Mail.  Your collection time dictates the last time you can book something in for collection. Thus if you book shipments for the following day late at night, we suggest setting this time as 23:50.  Please make sure the time you specify is in the 24 hour format,  HH:MM  . Eg. 17:00  would be for 5pm.

Description of Goods

This is used primarily in exporting, a general description of the category of goods you sell, eg.  'Sporting goods'