Once your Shopify store has been connected to your Shiptheory account, you have the option of Shiptheory automatically receiving Shopify shipments or orders.

A Shopify order becomes a shipment when stock from the order is fulfilled into a shipment. Shiptheory is set to receive Shopify shipments by default.

How do I fulfil Shopify orders into Shipments?

To fulfil your Shopify orders, you should navigate to your Orders Page in Shopify, select the order you want (by ticking the checkbox). Then in the Actions menu choose Fulfill Orders.

Alternatively, you can go into the order and click the Mark as fulfilled button.

Once fulfilled the order will appear in your Shiptheory Dashboard. Note, it may be under the 'All' tab

For more information about Shopify Orders and Shipments, please have a read of this to this article: Should Shiptheory download my Shopify Orders or Shipments?

If you have any further questions or your Shopify shipments are not coming through, one of our Support Team would be happy to give you a hand, please just get in touch!