Q. I can't see my orders in Shiptheory?

A. Shiptheory will only display a shipment/order once it's been fulfilled in Shopify.

Q. My shipments in Shiptheory are shown as 'Not Ready', why?

A. If a Shopify shipment has a tracking number on it, Shiptheory will see the shipment as not ready. If you'd like to still send the shipment through as a carrier, view a shipment by hitting the view button at the end of the row in Shiptheory.

Then select a carrier and service you wish to send the shipment out as.

Q. Can I connect my Shopify store to multiple Shiptheory accounts?

A. No. You can only connect your store to one account at a time. This is because every time we connect to Shopify, we wipe existing webhooks that point to Shiptheory.