How to obtain your UPS API details

- Start by registering for a UPS developer account here

- Once you have an account with UPS you will need to login to the UPS Online Tools website and request an XML access key. AKA Developer Key

Once you've obtained these details, simply enter them into your Shiptheory UPS settings page

Test mode

By default, Shiptheory saves your UPS details in Testmode, this means any labels produced are not valid or chargable and only meant to test.

Once you are happy and would like to switch on live mode, you can do so by navigating to the bottom of the Shiptheory UPS settings page and clicking the small cog, revealing the advanced settings section, where you will be able to select live mode.

Can I specify a weight for all my UPS shipments?

Sure you can specify a default weight under the advanced settings ( as described under the test mode heading above ) .   This weight will be submit for every shipment Shiptheory sends to UPS, irrespective of the channel's reported weight.