Using Shiptheory's inventory sync, you can update and sync stock counts across multiple channels and locations in one centralised place. 


Use of the term warehouse refers to a centralised point within Shiptheory to which you can link locations from your channel. In order to add a new warehouse go to Products > Manage Warehouses or

To add a new warehouse click 'Add new warehouse'.

Give your new warehouse a name (1.) and then select which integration you would like to link locations from (2.). If you don't see any locations in the location dropdown then click 'here' (3.). 

Select a location that you would like to link to your warehouse (1.) and click the green plus button (2.). One Shiptheory warehouse can be linked to many locations, but a location can only be linked to one Shiptheory warehouse. There's no limit to the number of locations that can be added to a warehouse, just keep pressing the green plus button to add more. Once you have added all your locations, press 'Save' (3.)

What is the Master Stock Location?

The master stock location is where Shiptheory will pull your initial stock count from, and from that point products included in orders sent through Shiptheory will affect that stock count. The master stock location is also where new products will need to be pulled from; if you create a new product in a warehouse that isn't the master stock location, this won't be made available to inventory sync, you'll want to ensure any new products are created in the warehouse you've selected as your master stock location.

When do my counts get updated?

Your stock counts get updated whenever a stock count change occurs in any of your locations or if a stock count change occurs within Shiptheory.

Getting your stock counts into Shiptheory

In order to see your stock count in Shiptheory the product associated with the count must already exist within Shiptheory. Furthermore the count will not appear in Shiptheory until a stock count change has occurred in your location. After the initial sync from your master location, any products not present in Shiptheory but present in your master location will also be available within Shiptheory.

Updating stock counts from within Shiptheory

In order to update your stock counts across all your linked locations, view the product within your product catalogue within Shiptheory. 

To do this go to Products > View Products  or and then click on the product you wish to update the stock count for. 

Scroll to the bottom of the popup and you will see all the stock counts for your linked warehouses (1.). Update the count as required and hit 'Save' (2.). Your stock counts will be updated across all locations linked to that warehouse. 

Have any questions about Inventory Sync? Our Support Team would be happy to answer your questions!