In order to get to the handwritten notes settings go to Settings > Handwritten Notes

To add a new handwritten note template click Add New Template

From here you can decide the name of your template, its font-size, page dimensions, printing options and message content.

Creating your message and using placeholders

Use the Custom Note section of the template's settings to compose the message you want to appear on your handwritten note. There is a 1000 character limit on notes. 

You can use placeholders in the message which Shiptheory can replace with relevant information. Placeholders are wrapped in a pair of double curly braces and are restricted to a specific list. You won't be able to save notes with invalid placeholders. In order to avoid this use the dropdown menu below the note's text area box to automatically insert placeholders into your text.

For example if you wanted to add a personal touch to your note, you can use the placeholder to add the recipient's name. When your note is printed the placeholder will be replaced with the first name of the shipment's recipient.