If a customer is receiving the error "Internal 500 Error. We encountered an Internal error." when trying to book a shipment, this could indicate a number of issues.

There is one currently known Amazon issue for which we have a temporary workaround. To see if the customer's issue is related -

  1. Open the Shipment Profile > Request and Response Data.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the Response Data and check if the error is being returned in response to the POST /shipping/v2/shipments request:
  3. In the Request Data, scroll down to the POST /shipping/v2/shipments request and copy the rateId. Search on the page for the rateId and a match should be found in the Response Data:
  4. Just underneath the response rateId is the serviceId:
    • If the serviceId is a DPD service, you can try the temporary workaround from Amazon detailed below.
    • If the serviceId is for any other carrier, please report the issue to Development as usual.

Temporary Workaround

The temporary workaround solution provided by Amazon is to select the "Packing Slip" option in the "

Select Additional Label Documents?" setting in Amazon Shipping's advanced settings:


Note: this will produce a packing slip for all shipment labels for all couriers purchased via Amazon Shipping but should be a temporary fix until Amazon resolve the issue at their end.